Farm Management Services

Annual Farm Planning

  1. Detailed crop maps
  2. Crop rotations
  3. Soil test analysis & fertility management
  4. Seed and herbicide selection
  5. Government program analysis & compliance
  6. Capital improvement planning and budgeting

Grain Marketing

1) Forward contracts
2) Basis contracts
3) Hedge to arrive contracts
4) Delayed pricing contracts
5) Terminal bids


1) Monthly reports of income & expenses
2) Quarterly income statements, reflecting a year to date summary of your farm’s net income
3) Annual summary of all transactions

Timely Farm Visits

1) Written reports of farm conditions at key times during the planting, growing, and harvesting seasons
2) Oversee construction and maintenance of soil conservation and drainage systems, as well as other farm improvements

Lease Negotiation and Tenant Selection

1) Negotiate lease terms with the farm operator to meet the goals and objectives of our clients
2) We maintain an application file of excellent farmers throughout the West-Central Illinois area.

Real Estate Brokerage Services

1) Complete brokerage service for selling or purchasing farmland at the best possible price.